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Welcome to Heroes of the Blue

The good fight....

Pretty words. Noble sentiment. Fervent desire. But the fight ain't pretty, noble or desirable. It's harsh, hard-core, and hell in the Blue. It's kill or be killed and anything goes. The objective is to triumph, put down the enemy, and stay alive to fight another day. Hard as it is to swallow, the last goal - survival- is almost always the most important. That isn't noble or honorable, and it sure as hell doesn't sit well, particularly if some of your buddies fall in battle. But being another casualty doesn't help the cause, and it certainly won't bring back those who paid the ultimate sacrifice. You gotta be willing to make the hard choices, able to do the job right the first time, and ready to push aside the pain and terror.
Evil plays for keeps. Its minions are vicious, veteran, and vast in number. Survival, much less triumph, requires your A-game. This isn't the place for rookies, newbies, or kids. There's no training academy, boot camp, minor league, or junior varsity. This is live fire, the real deal, the big time. And it all goes down in the Blue. You better be a pro, or at least act like one, or you're going to be yesterday's days news, and quick.
So keep your pretty words, noble sentiments, and fervent desires. It's time to get busy. Are you ready for the good fight? Then welcome to the Blue and don't say we didn't warn you.

What the - ?

Confused? Well, this is the place where we explain just what this whole roleplaying trip is all about. The roleplaying veterans among you - the gaming pros - know this stuff already. You folks can move right along to the juicier stuff on the rest of this page. Okay, a roleplaying game is basically shared story-telling. You get together with several friends and create a tale. In Heroes of the Blue, there's a bunch of demons - evil and otherwise - rocking fights scenes, and stern glances, but that's not all. Unlike any other kind of game, your group's story can take you, the characters, anywhere you want it to. The action takes place in your imaginations, and the story is told through your interactions. Use that power wisely, grasshopper.


Each of you creates a character, an alternative persona that becomes your "in game" role. This is your Cast Member. You choose the character's strengths and weaknesses, abilities and limitations, and - in particular - personality. During the course of the game, you make this Cast Member's decisions, utterances, and actions. You can get yourself a sweet leather duster too, but that costs extra - a lot extra.
Whatever you do, you've got an edge. You're one of the good guys, the champions - you're fighting the good fight. Of course, that's not to say your creations can't have a dark side....or two.

The Director

All the players and Cast Members are important, but one of you is the linchpin, the guy who makes it all work. That key player is called the Director. The Director sets the scene, plots the plot, details the descriptions, and engages in other nifty alliterations. The Director casts and speaks for the other characters - anyone that the Cast Members meet in their adventures. If these folk are neutral or helpful, they are called Guest Stars. These folks come into the Cast Members' lives, do their part for the plot and leave. Unless, of course, they're recurring types. If the Director-controlled characters are out for Cast Member blood (or worse), they are called Adversaries. These include demons, undead, and other nasties. These folks cause all sorts of problems and make the heroes work for their good-guy credits. All rule decisions are handed down by the Director (usually with some discussion from the other players - we like to think of it as enlightened despotism). He figures out how and when to use the game mechanics and decides the outcomes of certain rolls.

Game Session

Game sessions in Heroes of the Blue can take anywhere from a couple of hours to an entire weekend (depending on how crazed you are about the whole thing). There is no formal start or end - that's for the Director and players to decide. Also, in roleplaying, there is no winners or losers. The objective is to create a story, engage in some spontaneous and often hilarious conversations, and have a good time with friends. And no, no electronics of any kind are necessary. Pretty uncivilized, eh?

The Heroes

What is an Awakened?

Roleplaying games may feature many kinds of protagonists. In Heroes of the Blue, players assume the personas of Awakened - brave, determined people who confront the supernatural - and guide these characters through the world of the Blue.
Awakened don't start out that way. They begin as normal people who are one day confronted with how the world really is; they're exposed to the creatures that lurk in the shadows. Most people panic and run from such beings. Would-be awakened are different from the majority in that they possess whatever it takes to stand and face the unknown, and even have the bravery or temerity to act against it.
It seems that the doing is what in fact gives awakened full insight into reality. Whereas those people who run from or turn a blind eye to the truth will not accept it and cannot know it, awakened, by staying, seeing and even fighting back, are exposed to the gamut of reality. Awakened band together in small groups through which they can uncover, stalk and perhaps even destroy the enemy - or die trying.

The Awakening

Awakened call their moment of realization the awakening. Accounts of the awakening vary wildly, but certain elements appear to occur for all awakened, regardless of age, sex, race or nationality. Awakened hear voices, see distorted messages on billboards or in newspapers, or perceive odd sounds, smells or visions. Regardless of its form, the experience always offers a warning of nearby danger: a booming "IT DOES NOT LIVE," a street sign that momentarily reads "RUN NOW," a sudden, hallucinatory image of people strewn about a street as Death walks among them.
No source seems to be apparent for these signs and portents, but their subject soon becomes clear. With eyes newly opened, the awakened witnesses the most grotesque obscenity he has ever encountered - a thing not meant to exist, a walking affront to life itself, an abhorrent monstrosity. There it stands in all its unholy glory: evil personified and presented for hideous edification. And that's only the beginning.


The awakened are forced to recognize the depravity of creatures that are truly in control. But what evidence is there that the awakened have any responsibility for that knowledge? Why does that knowledge demand action?
For most of the awakened, the answer is simple: At the moment of rebirth, they are granted strange abilities and powers. At the instant they are witness to living nightmares, the awakened are empowered with the means to respond to the creatures before them. These amazing abilities seem to be numerous and varied. Some allow a person to strike down a creature. Others create chaos under cover of which the awakened may act. Some powers grant extraordinary perception, the ability to see and recognize monsters wherever they hide. Still others allow the imbued to heal themselves and others miraculously.
Why else would the awakened be granted these gifts than to react to the abominations revealed before them? Evil exists. The awakened have the power to stop it. That's what makes them awakened. As many awakened observe, "What else is there to know?"

The World

The Blue

What is the Blue, you may ask, well it's the world in which this game takes place. It's called the Blue for two reasons. First, the surface of the world, if it can be called a surface at all, is totally covered by the mysterious Blue. The Blue is a soft, thick, viscous material, much like azure tar. Things (airships, dead animals, detritus, castaways, even small islands) slowly sink into it.
Second, the actual lands of the Blue, are all floating islands in the sky. Since the sky is also Blue, well the inhabitants has simply named their world the Blue.
These floating islands can have the same sizes as islands on Earth. So some are very big, or small. Even though the floating islands travel the skies, they are always sort of fixed in placement relative to the other islands, so islands never crash into each other.
Travel between islands happen in two ways. First; there are the portals. Portals are magical things, apparently spontaneously created in the Blue, that lets anything travel from one island to another. Portals are fixed, meaning that a portal leading from A to B, will always lead from A to B or B to A, it never changes on its own. The people of the Blue have invented machines, however, that lets them change a portal's destination. A portal has to exist first, though, the machines can't create a portal on it's own.

Secondly, the inhabitants of the Blue, has invented airships to travel the skies. Most airships looks like real world ships, though instead of sails, they have balloons, that make them able to float.
Islands are often called skyrealms, because each island is most of the time a single realm all of it's own. It's very rare, that more than one island has the same rulers.
One of the biggest and most important skyrealms, is called Nexus. It's a very big and round island, that is totally covered by a city. It's called the Nexus, because a lot of portals lead to it. So it has become a huge center of trade, commerce, and travelling.
The inhabitants of the Blue are humans. Though they have a couple of differences from Earth humans. They have a lot more variation in hair, eye, and skin color for one. For example, red, blue, and green are perfectly normal here. They can also eat anything organic. A family can chop down a tree, and live of it, though it might become a bit samey. This ability gives them some resistances to poisons, though they can still get very sick and sometimes die, if they eat to much of something that is poisonous.

Technologically, the Blue is very much like the late 1800's of the real world. Steam engines exist and are widely in use. Steam engines use the mysterious surface stuff Blue, as their power source. Things like the printing press and cameras also exist. Sadly, no moving pictures, yet. In some cases, the Blue is further along, than the real world 1800's. For instance, running water inside houses is available. The Blue also has its version of computers. They are big cumbersome things though, and they are not connected to each other either. No internet here.
Another big invention are mechs. Mechs are either big hulking war machines which require a pilot to function, or completely self running machines that can be programmed to follow commands and do various menial tasks.
Firearms exist and are widely in use, although bows and crossbows are still widely in use, all over the Blue. Melee weapons are also still very common. It's very rare to see a warrior, who doesn't carry a melee weapon, even if he has a firearm. Guns require ammo, you know, and can run out. A sword always works.
Obviously, much more could be written about the Blue. But since the writer of all this stuff, is a bit of a lazy bastard, this section has to do for now.